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"Why industries can replace MCCB+TOR with MMS for motor protection ?"

Our customers just like you used to have that same question too.

Here’s the thing: Electronic motor protection relay, is the new norm.

It’s the key to

  • Reduce your panel size as in wiring by 50%

  • Ease your work with simple wiring

  • Reducing inventory cost reducing the number of devices used for motor protection

What is a MMS? contactor?

• MMS is Manual Motor Starters – nothing but MPCB (Motor Protection Circuit Breaker).

• MMS is an electro-mechanical device used for the protection and operating purpose of Electrical motor.

• Functions:

• Overload Protection: The overload release isolates the load from the power supply if it is loaded with an overcurrent for a certain time.

Tripping is based on a specific time-current characteristic. This prevents possible damage to the load and the system. The overload release also trips in the event of phase failure or extreme phase unbalance.

• Short-circuit protection: In the event of a short-circuit (current >13 times the rated current), the short-circuit releases isolate the faulty load feeder from the power supply within only a few milliseconds. Greater damage (risk of fire!) can thus be avoided.

• Phase failure Protection: MMS protect the load against failures due to line voltage


  • Compact in Size.

  • Complete range of common accessories.

  • Class 10 overload trip characteristics.

  • Short Circuit Breaking Capacity: Standard (S), High (H), High Instantaneous (HI) Standards: IEC 60947-1,2,4 UL508 (Type E)

  • Handle lock in the Off position

  • Finger safe terminal Din rail & Screw mounting

  • Ready for IE3

  • Ambient Temperature : -20℃~+60℃ (wide range)

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