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Launching the AV Type ACB: Elevate Your Renewable Power Facilities with LS ELECTRIC!

Download the AV type ACB catalog 

The AV Type ACB is designed to take your PV, ESS, and Wind Power Facilities to new heights, even in the most challenging environmental conditions like high altitudes. Its cutting-edge features include:

🌟 High Voltage Capability: Up to 800/900/1000/1150Vac for renewable applications and high-altitude installations.

🔌 Smart Connectivity: Equipped with Smart Trip Unit (Smart LV Application) for real-time electrical status updates.

⚙️ Advanced Trip Relay: Ensuring world-class measurement accuracy, increased relay elements, and enhanced stability.

📲 IoT Integration: Built-in NFC and Bluetooth, enabling monitoring and access from anywhere through ICT convergence technology.


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