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How to protect motors up to 7.5kW efficiently using switchgear ?

LS Mini contactors and starters are suitable for the switching and protection of small motors up to 7.5kW, lights, and electric heating circuits. KEMA type tested as the global product that meets international standards such as UL, CCC, Safe Certification and CE....

Reduce Installation space by 50% on panels.

Mini Contactor & Overload Relay

Suitable for controlling, protecting, and switching LS MEC Contactors. Starters are aiming for space-saving, flexibility, convenience, and easy wiring, and installation through various accessories. Overload relays are designed for easy mounting directly to contactors or separately by using additional bases or brackets.

Benefits for Mini Contactors
  • Low consumption power

  • High-density power

  • Saving panel size

  • Installation space is reduced by 50% of conventional DC operated contactors achieving high performance

Convenience 4 terminal options for a variety of applications

  • Screw terminal Standard type with M3 screw for connection with a ring or U type terminal

  • Fast-on terminal Plug-in style for connection with a quick connector.

  • Solder pin terminal for mounting on PCB Cage clamp terminal suitable for connection with wires directly

  • Cage clamp terminal suitable for connection with wires directly

The low power consumption type contactor, a product that combines the advantages of the relay and the magnetic contactor, can be driven directly by the small output of the PLC.

Direct driving by

  • PLC output contact

  • Photoelectric switch, proximity switch . . .

  • Transistor output of various detection

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