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MOTOR PROTECTION -“Different strokes for different folks”.

The introduction of Electronic motor protection relay has negated all these problems.

LS Electric-EMPR ensures very close protection for motors employed for all kinds of loads.

A real boon to practicing engineers as relay characteristics suit Class-10, 10A, 20 & 30. You can set motor start times from 2 to 30 secs.

Trip times during overloads are very much faster so also tripping during phase loss, which is as fast as 3 secs, unlike a thermal OLR which takes 20 long seconds to trip.

Tripping during locked rotor is instant. In case you need an alarm to warn you of an impending overload, this can be set at 90% of the set current.

Burnouts due to Ground fault, phase unbalance, phase reversal become a thing of the past. High-end version EMPR provides a display of various parameters.

Trip data of the last 10 faults can be scrolled.

Through a communication port, entire data can be downloaded into your computer, storing info for posterity. Different cost-effective models are available.

As the saying goes, “Different strokes for different folks”.

Download PDF • 624KB

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