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Smart Switchgear: The Backbone of Renewable Application

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

The importance of reliable and efficient power distribution has increased tremendously with the rapid growth of renewable energy sources. Switchgears are critical component in this process as they control and protect electrical equipment.

However, conventional switchgear have limited monitoring and data analysis capabilities, making digital technology necessary for renewable applications.

In this article, we will discuss the significance of digital technology in switchgear and how LS ELECTRIC's latest smart ACBs are meeting this demand through IoT-enabled solutions.

The Susol ACB is the most highly-rated voltage product globally, capable of operating up to 1150 V. This feature makes it an excellent option for facilities that use PV, ESS, and wind power. Additionally, it comes equipped with a Smart Trip Unit (STU) that can measure current and voltage with an accuracy of 0.5%. As a result, it can ensure precise and dependable measurement of electrical parameters.

Individuals seeking a voltage ACB with lower specifications can opt for the Susol ACB rated up to 900 V, which is an outstanding alternative. This ACB can cater to the needs of the renewable energy market, with a lower rated voltage than the ACB up to 1150 V.

The Susol DC ACB is optimized for DC power distribution systems used in UPS, PV, ESS, and wind power facilities, and it comes in two frame sizes, capable of handling up to 3200AF at 1500V in the DC range. This ACB includes a built-in multi-function relay that provides A, V, and W protection and measurement, self-diagnosis, and fault waveform recording. As a result, it is a great option for individuals seeking dependable and precise measurement of electrical parameters.

The Susol DC DSU is a switch disconnector with a high capacity of up to 4000AF at 1500V. It is the world's largest short-time capacity product and is suitable for severe inductive DC loads (DC-23A). The product includes an Intelligent Trip Relay (OCR) that has the highest measurement accuracy in the world (Voltage 0.5%, Current 0.5%, Power classes 1 (IEC 62053 - 21, 22 standard), Frequency 0.1% (10 ~ 200Hz)).

Moreover, this product has 13 types of self-diagnosis functions that can prevent and alert the user to malfunctions in real time. With LS ELECTRIC's Smart LV Solution, users can easily monitor and manage their electrical systems through ICT convergence. Additionally, the OCR setting and data downloading can be done through the USB interface, making it simple to set up and access critical data. LS ELECTRIC's ACBs are an efficient, accurate, and dependable solution for various applications that require power distribution.

For more information, you can contact us at, Sunitha P, Marketing Manager, LS ELECTRIC, 8061429108.

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