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How Terminal Assembly Method impacts Contactor ?

•There is a danger of overheading, fire when terminal assembly is loosened.

•Please assemble with the assembly torque which was specified by this company,

tighten it periodically.

•Terminal screw can be damaged when assembly torque is excessive.

•There is a danger of short circuit when compressed terminal, connected conductor

(connected to terminal) don’ t have enough insulation distance.

•There is a danger of overheading, fire when the wire size is not large enough.

•Please use the wire under proper operational conditions.

•When Lock paint etc. is applied to wire contacts or contact points, there is a danger of

overheading, fire by fault.

•Please tighten it completely with the specified assembly torque when the terminal

screw is loose. There is a danger of overheating and fire.

•Connect the compressed terminal as it is, and take off the insulation coating of the wire and

then use it. In case of thick stranded wire, divide the strands in two then connect them.

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